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Fresno Air Duct Cleaners is an air duct & dryer vent cleaning company servicing the Fresno, CA area.

We’re passionate about air duct services for our clients.

With a large amount of debris, it will force the HVAC system to work harder which results in higher bills. Thats, where our team will help you not only keep your home warm. But also limit skyrocketing bills.

If you’re tired of bills increasing every month, want to stay warm when it’s cold out, or want to simply remove the stress of clogged ducts. Our team can help you achieve this goal.

So what are you waiting for?
If you found yourself searching for cleaner ducts, then you’re in the right place.

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Air Duct Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning ducts its important to get every bit of debris out. It will take a series of calculated steps to ensure there won’t be any debris left inside your air duct.

The very first step is running a camera through your ducts to find the key points and how much is really clogged.

Next, well remove all register covers to clean them thoroughly.

From there well send a hose with rotating brushed to clean the ducts and wipe out any debris in the way.

Once the ducts are wiped clean, we’ll fog the ducts with an EPA-approved antimicrobial mist. This keeps the ducts clean and will even leave behind a wonderful scent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

With a mix of lint and extreme heat, one of the biggest fire-hazards is a clogged dryer vent. If clogged vents don’t lead to extreme home damage, you’ll pay for it in the long run with skyrocketing bills.

To eliminate all these risks from clogged vents, well follow a simple step-by-step process.

We’ll start by disconnecting the dryer to prevent any further accidents.

From there we’ll begin the dirty work of completely wiping out all the built-up lint from over the years. Cleaning out vents can be the most satisfying feeling; Think of it as the first day of breathing after having a stuffed nose for a week.

Finally, we’ll reconnect everything and get you back to a congested-free dryer.

The best part is you’ll actually put money back in your pockets from all the money you can save with a clean vent.

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of cleaning out vents is the amount of money you can save. This is a result of multiple different reasons. The first reason is that it will open everything up. When everything is backed-up the system has to work much harder resulting in energy bills skyrocketing.

Another way it saves money is that it extends the life of your system. With a system that lasts longer, you won’t be replacing it as often.

Cleaner Air

Another major benefit of a clean duct is the quality of air. With a clean air duct, you will feel the difference.

With a congested duct, there will commonly be un-noticed dust particles flying everywhere. But with a clean system the air, furniture, and flooring will be much cleaner.

Eliminates Unpleasant Smells

The unfortunate truth is a clogged air duct will leave an unpleasant smell over time. To make things worse, you can often go nose-blind to this.

The good news is, cleaning this out will open everything up which results in a fresh smell that will welcome in any guests!

Reduced Allergens

Allergies can play a major part in someone’s life that has allergies. Unfortunately, clogged air ducts will make those allergies kick in.

A clean air duct will help relieve some of those bad allergies. With a bad air duct that dust and build-up will just continuously cycle through the home.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

With decades of air duct cleaning experience, we have a simple four-step process from the moment you pick up the phone to cleaning the last vent.

Protect The Area

Connect Equipment

Source Removal

Final Review


Most frequent questions and answers

Here at Fresno Air Duct Cleaners, we push for professionalism, quality, and keeping everything on time. We believe this is vital to supply the best air duct service. Along with quality we like to offer affordable prices as we know it can get expensive. Cleaning air ducts is very important not only for the quality of air you’re breathing in. But also to help lower that energy bill that keeps rising every month. So if you’re looking for better air quality and lowering your monthly bills, be sure to give us a call at (559) 314-3382

This question can come up for a lot of people. The truth is, yes cleaning out air ducts is necessary for multiple reasons. For starters, it will give much better quality air that you’ll be breathing in the day in and day out. Another reason is to save money; Over time a clogged duct will result in your system working harder. When the system works harder your energy bill will start to climb. Whether you’re looking for cleaner air or lowering your energy bill, we would love to take a look and help clean out your air ducts.

With decades of experience, we have mastered a four-step process of high-quality work. The very first step is to make sure the workspace is clean and furniture is protected. Next, we’ll make sure to remove all register covers. From there, we start the process of removing all the debris. We’ll be sure to get everything from piles of debris and even take the source completely out. The final step is the final approval of making sure there’s nothing left in the vents. We like to do this to ensure quality and fresh air for years to come.

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s necessary for an air duct clean-out. Thats a very valid question to ask yourself. To make the thought process easier we have 5 things to look for to decide if you may need your ducts cleaned. The first thing to keep in mind is; have you changed the air filter in months? Its important to always make sure your filters are cleaned out regularly. A visible sign to look for is if there’s dust on the register. Another major sign to look for is mold in or around your HVAC system, this can be a sign of major issues. If the airflow doesn’t seem even from room to room, that could also be a sign of a clogged duct. The final thing to check is if you can hear noises in the ductwork. If you’re noticing any of these issues be sure to give us a call at (559) 314-3382 and well be sure to check it out for you.

Cleaning air ducts take professional work along with the proper tools. Theres a lot of work that goes into cleaning out air ducts and although doing it yourself might save some money, its probably not the best option unless you’re skilled in this field. The main reason to not do it yourself is to prevent any serious damage to either you or your home. The other reason is it takes a precise step-by-step process that our team of professionals has mastered. Lastly, it will take some expensive tools and knowledge on how to use these tools.

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